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tatonka meaning
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The name Tatonka is of a Native American origin and its meaning is “bison”. The name isn’t so strictly gendered, it can be used for either boys or girls.

In the spiritual realm, bison symbolize qualities like strength of character, being able to push through tough times, and living in harmony with nature. Who wouldn’t want their kid to be someone with strength, perseverance, and appreciation for the environment? On top of that, it’s an incredibly rare name.

Why Choose The Name Tatonka

Naming your kid Tatonka could be a really powerful choice. Tatonka directly translates to “bison” or “buffalo,” which is just so strong and meaningful. Bisons carried so much importance for the Plains tribes – they provided food, shelter, clothing…everything. By calling your child Tatonka, you’re giving them that same strength and ability to persevere that the bison had.

Plus, it’s one of those names that you just don’t hear every day. Tatonka will really make your kid stand out from the sea of Jacks, Emmas, and Avas out there. They’ll love having such an eye-catching, unique name as they grow up. People are always going to ask about the story and meaning behind Tatonka. It just has this really cool, exotic vibe to it that I bet your little one will appreciate.

When you think about everything buffalo represent and the rarity of the name, Tatonka really does seem like an awesome choice. Your kid would definitely carry some powerful medicine with a name like that!

MeaningBuffalo, bison
OriginNative American
Other versionsTato, Tat
Famous TatonkasNo famous Tatonkas
MoodStrength, perseverance

Interesting Facts

  • Tatonka sounds like it’s from some Eastern European language or maybe Russian, but actually, its origin is Native American.
  • There’s only about one Tatonka in every two million people.
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