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guinevere name meaning
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Guinevere is a feminine name with an interesting history and meaning. The name Guinevere originated from Welsh mythology and the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

In the Arthurian legends, Guinevere was King Arthur’s beautiful and beloved queen. She was said to be the daughter of King Leodegrance, who ruled over the land of Cameliard. Guinevere’s name is derived from the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar, meaning “white phantom” or “white spirit.” The name refers to her fair complexion and light hair.

As Arthur’s queen, Guinevere played an important role in the legends. She was a symbol of chivalry, courtly love, and the ideal of womanhood during the Middle Ages. Her marriage to Arthur represented the ideal union between a wise and just king and his loyal queen. However, Guinevere’s affair with Sir Lancelot is one of the most famous stories in the Arthurian legends. Their forbidden love eventually led to the downfall of Camelot and the end of Arthur’s reign.

Despite the tragic end to her story, Guinevere has remained an iconic female character in the legends. Her name still evokes images of beauty, nobility, and queenliness. The tragic name Guinevere also carries with it the themes of love, honor, chivalry and tragedy that are central to the Arthurian legends. So if you’re looking for a name with a rich history and deep meaning, Guinevere is certainly a great choice.

Why Choose The Name Guinevere

If you are looking for an elegant yet powerful name for your daughter, consider Guinevere. This classic name has a lovely sound, interesting history and strong meaning that would suit any little girl.

Guinevere derives from the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar meaning “white ghost” or “white spirit.” In Arthurian legend, Guinevere was the beautiful and graceful queen who married King Arthur. She embodied feminine ideals of loyalty, compassion and wisdom. Naming your daughter Guinevere connects her to these positive traits and values associated with the legendary queen.

Beyond the legend, Guinevere simply sounds lovely. The soft “G” and long “e” sounds give it an airy, feminine feel while the “ver” ending provides a strong finish. It has just the right balance of softness and strength that many parents seek in a girl’s name.

Most importantly, Guinevere can inspire your daughter to be confident yet kind, elegant yet bold. When she hears stories of the Arthurian queen, she may be motivated to follow her example of grace under pressure, wisdom in counsel and loyalty to those she loves.

MeaningWhite ghost, white spirit, white phantom
Other versionsGwi, Gui
Famous GuineveresKing Arthur’s Guinevere

Interesting Facts

  • The name Guinevere became popular in the Middle Ages after the Arthurian legends spread throughout Europe. The name was revived again during the Victorian era in the 1800s as interest in Arthurian mythology grew.
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