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klarisa name meaning
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The name Klarisa is of Latin origin, and its meaning is clear and bright. It is a feminine name that has been used in different languages and cultures.

Klarisa likely originated in medieval times, derived from the Latin word “clarus”, meaning clear, bright or famous. The name has several variations, including Clarice, Clarissa and Clair.

Klarisa shares etymological roots with the word “clarity”, referring to something that is easy to understand or perceive. It also relates to the word “clear”, indicating something that is transparent, unobstructed and free from confusion.

As a given name, Klarisa conveys the meaning of brightness, both in a literal and metaphorical sense. It suggests the qualities of being open, direct, transparent and easy to comprehend. A person named Klarisa is likely to have a clear and open personality.

The name Klarisa also has historical connections to religious orders. Clarisses were members of the “Poor Clares”, a monastic order of nuns founded by Saint Clare in the 13th century. The Poor Clares lived a simple life of prayer, poverty and austerity.

Why Choose The Name Klarisa

Klarisa is a beautiful name choice for your little daughter. It means ‘famous’ and ‘bright’, which are wonderful qualities you want to encourage in your child. A name is one of the first gifts you give your daughter, and Klarisa is a name that will serve her well through life.

Klarisa has a lovely sound that is pleasant to the ear. The soft ‘kla’ and ‘sa’ sounds at the beginning and end give it a gentle and feminine feel. It is distinctive without being overly difficult to pronounce or spell. Your daughter will likely never meet another Klarisa in her class, giving her a unique identity from an early age.

The name Klarisa also has a rich history. It originated from the Latin name Clarissa and is the feminine form of the name Claris, meaning “clear” or “bright.” It was popularized by Saint Clare of Assisi, an Italian saint and founder of the order of nuns known as the “Poor Clares.” So your daughter will be joining a long line of bright, inspiring Klarisas throughout history.

Raising a daughter is a joy and a responsibility. Choosing a name that encapsulates the qualities you want her to embody can help guide her from a young age. Klarisa conveys brightness, clarity of thought, and a gentle spirit. I hope you will prayerfully consider this beautiful name for your little girl as she begins her journey through life.

MeaningBright, clear, famous
Other versionsKlari, Klarisse, Klariza, Clarissa, Klara
Famous KlarisasKlarisa Rikova
MoodPositive, optimistic, hopeful

Interesting Facts

  • Clarice was a popular medieval name, originating from the Roman clan name Claudius. The name Klarisa eventually evolved into Klara in German and Clara in English.
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