Suki Name Meaning, Origin, Interesting Facts

suki name meaning
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The feminine Japanese name Suki means “liked, beloved.” It derives from the Japanese verb suki da, which means “to like, to love.” Suki is a sweet and simple name with a loving meaning.

Suki originated in Japan, where it has been used for centuries. The name first entered wide use during the Edo period (1603–1868). At that time, many Japanese names began to take on more positive meanings, reflecting the cultural shift toward optimism and joy.

Why Choose The Name Suki

Suki is a short, sweet name with a lovely meaning that will suit your daughter well. Suki is feminine yet strong. It has a simple elegance that feels timeless rather than trendy. Suki conveys a sense of poise and confidence while still remaining sweet and approachable. Your daughter will grow into this name well as a child, teen, and adult.

Suki is easy to pronounce and spell. It has intuitive phonetics that make it simple for teachers, friends, and colleagues to say correctly. The one-syllable spelling means there will rarely be confusion over how to write her name.

Last but not least, Suki is an uncommon but established name. It’s not too popular that your daughter will have several classmates with the same name, yet it’s familiar enough that people will know how to pronounce it. Suki strikes a nice balance of being unique without being unusual.

MeaningBeloved, loved, liked
Other versionsSu, Sukie
Famous SukisSuki Chan, Suki Chui, Suki Goodwin

Interesting Facts

  • Suki is considered a lucky name in Japan, as it contains the character su, meaning “longevity.” The su sound is associated with health and prosperity.
  • There are multiple Japanese names that share the suki meaning, including Sukie, Sukiko, and Sukina. All carry the same loving connotation.
  • The name Suki has gained popularity outside of Japan in recent decades. It now ranks among the top 1,000 female names in the United States and United Kingdom.
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