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libuse name meaning
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Libuse originated in Czech mythology and history as the name of a legendary princess. The name Libuse itself means “beloved” in Czech, Slovak, and Polish, derived from the Slavic word liby, meaning “to love. Legend says Libuse (in Czech Libuše) was a beautiful and wise seeress and prophetess who founded Prague in the 9th century and established the Přemyslid dynasty that ruled Bohemia for several centuries.

The name Libuse carries a rich heritage and symbolism of strength, wisdom, and love. As a legendary seeress and prophetess, Libuse represents feminine intuition, insight, and the gift of foresight. She was said to have the ability to see into the future and warn of dangers to come. Her role as the founder of Prague shows that she was a capable leader, visionary, and pioneer. And the meaning of her name – “beloved” – reflects the values of love, kindness, and being cherished that are often desired by daughters.

For a woman bearing this name, there is an implied duty to live up to the legacy of the original Libuse – to be wise beyond her years, to follow her intuition and inner vision, and to approach the world and others with love. Overall, Libuse is a beautiful and strong name choice for any woman, carrying layers of history, symbolism, and meaning centered around wisdom, leadership, and love.

MeaningLove, loved, to love
OriginSlavic (Czech)
Similar namesLiba, Libuska, Libunka, Ljuba, Luba, Liby
Famous LibusesLibuse Safrankova, Libuse Baudysova
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