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jasmina name meaning
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Jasmina is a feminine name that has several possible origins and meanings. The name likely derives from Arabic or Persian roots.

In Arabic, Jasmina means “jasmine flower.” Jasmine flowers are known for their sweet scent and delicate white petals. The name Jasmina thus likely originated as a reference to the beauty and fragrance of the jasmine flower.

Jasmina may also derive from Persian, where the name Jasmin means “gift from God.” The name originated from the Persian word “yasmin,” which refers to the jasmine flower. This meaning suggests that Jasmina refers to someone who is seen as a gift or blessing from God.

In Slavic languages like Croatian, Bosnian, and Serbian, Jasmina is a diminutive form of the name Jasna, meaning “bright” or “clear.” This meaning points to Jasmina representing someone seen as bright, cheerful, and illuminating.

Why Choose The Name Jasmina

The name Jasmina comes from the Persian word “yasmin,” which means “jasmine flower.” Jasmine flowers are delicate yet resilient, with a sweet and intoxicating fragrance. Naming your daughter Jasmina associates her with these positive qualities from the very beginning.

Jasmina also has a timeless elegance and grace. It is feminine without being overly frilly or fussy. The name has a simple, lyrical sound that flows nicely off the tongue. Jasmina is not overly common but also not too obscure, ranking at around the 500s on the US popularity lists. This means your daughter will likely encounter a few other Jasminas throughout her life without it being a “top 10” name.

The name Jasmina also has multicultural appeal. It is used in many regions, including the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and South Asia. Choosing a name with global roots gives your daughter a sense of broader cultural identity from an early age.

MeaningJasmine flower, bright
OriginSlavic, Arabic, Persian
Other versionsJasminka, Jass, Jasmin
Famous JasminasJasmina Tinjic, Jasmina Siderovski, Jasmila Mihajlovic
MoodSweet, bright

Interesting Facts

  • Jasmina first originated in the Middle East and spread to the Balkan region. In the Balkans, Jasmina became a popular name, especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia. It is now also used in other parts of Europe and North America.
  • The name Jasmina itself embodies many positive attributes. It conveys a sense of grace, elegance, and femininity. It also suggests a sweet and gentle personality, just like the delicate jasmine flower. Famous people named Jasmina include Bosnian singer Jasmin Stavros and Croatian model Jasmina Joksimović.
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