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fifi name meaning
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Fifi is a feminine given name of Hebrew origin meaning “God gives.” The name derives from the Hebrew word “peh-peh,” which means “lip” or “mouth.” Fifi is a diminutive form of the name Euphemia, which comes from the Greek “eu” meaning “good” and “pheme” meaning “speech.”

The name Fifi has been in use for centuries, originating in France and England. It became popular during the Victorian era as a nickname for Euphemia. The name Fifi conveys a cheerful, bubbly personality. It gives the image of someone sweet, feminine and charming.

Fifi was a fairly common name in the late 19th and early 20th centuries but fell out of favor in the mid-20th century. However, the name has seen a resurgence in recent years, likely due to its cute and whimsical sound. Celebrities who have given this name to their daughters include actress Drew Barrymore and singer Pink.

Fifi is a sweet and charming name of Hebrew origin, meaning “God gives.” The name has a cheerful sound that suggests a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky personality. While Fifi was more common in the past, it appears to be making a comeback as a modern yet vintage choice for baby girls.

Why Choose The Name Fifi

If you’re considering names for your baby daughter, Fifi might just be the sweet, charming choice you’re looking for. Fifi has a musical, whimsical sound that conjures up images of carefreeness and joy. The name Fifi means ‘filled with love’ in French, and it has a history of being given to spirited, fun-loving girls.

Fifi has an endearing, affectionate feel to it that would suit a daughter with a lively personality and a zest for life. The nickname potential is excellent with Fifi, and you could also use more formal versions like Philomena or Philippa as a legal name. Fifi just rolls off the tongue in a pleasing way and sounds sweet without being overly cutesy.

The one or two-syllable length of Fifi makes it a name that’s easy for a young child to say. As your daughter grows, Fifi still retains an upbeat, youthful quality that won’t make her feel like she’s outgrown her name. Fifi also has a timeless appeal that doesn’t feel overly trendy or tied to any particular era.

Fifi is a delightful choice for parents (or even cat owners) seeking a happy, cheerful name for their baby girl. The name’s French roots give it a refined aura, while the short, sweet sound makes it an ideal match for a little girl with a big personality. Fifi is sure to bring a smile to the faces of everyone who hears it.

MeaningGod gives, young girl
OriginHebrew, French
Other versionsFifette, Fifou, Fife, Fifine
Famous FifisFifi Geldof, Fifi Bardot, Fifi Abdou

Interesting Facts

  • Fifi may have emerged independently as a “frilly” or feminine-sounding name on its own. The repetitive “fi” sound and the double “f” make Fifi a sweet-sounding name that easily conjures up images of ribbons, lace, and other feminine associations.
  • Fifi originated as a French pet form of Josephine and has been used as an independent name since the 19th century. The name Fifi likely conjures up images of a sweet little girl with blonde curls, and the name has a long history of being given to doll names and fictional characters.
  • The name Fifi evokes a sense of French sophistication, style, and charm. The name likely conjures up images of Parisian cafes, berets, baguettes, and joie de vivre. In fact, the word “fifi” itself came to mean “chic, stylish young woman” in French slang. So, if you name your little girl Fifi, you’re giving her a name with a long history of charm, fashion, and joie de vivre.
  • Fifi is a very popular cat name in Central Europe.
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