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astra name meaning
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Astra is a beautiful and powerful name choice for your daughter. It comes from Latin meaning ‘star,’ and throughout history, it has been associated with brightness, light, and guidance.

Astra is a name with deep roots in mythology and astronomy. In ancient Greek mythology, Astraeus was the titan god of stars and the dawn. His name means ‘of the stars,’ showing how long the name has been linked to celestial bodies and the heavens. The name was also given to the Greek goddess of night, Asteria, who was later identified with the Roman goddess Luna.

The meaning of ‘star’ gives Astra strong symbolic associations with brightness, hope, and vision. Stars have long been seen as sources of light in the darkness, offering guidance and direction to travelers and navigators. Astra could remind your daughter of her own light and ability to guide and inspire others through her own unique gifts and talents.

Astra is a name with a beautiful sound that feels fresh yet classic at the same time. It has a timeless quality and a graceful yet powerful feel that would suit a daughter with strength of spirit and character. The two syllables give it a musical quality, and the ‘a’ sound makes it soft and feminine while still holding some punch.

Similar namesAster, Asteria, Astria, Asatira, Astraea
PronunciationAST + RUH
Famous AstrasAstra Taylor, Astra Blair, Astra Desmond
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