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agnieszka name meaning
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Agnieszka is a Polish feminine given name, equivalent to Agnes. It comes from the Latin word “agnus,” meaning “lamb” or “lamb of God.” This name has a very clear Christian religious meaning, referring to Agnes, one of the virgin martyrs of the early Christian church.

According to Christian tradition, Saint Agnes was a young girl from Rome who refused to marry a pagan because of her devotion to God. As punishment for her refusal, she was put to death at the young age of 12 or 13. Because of her purity and piety, Agnes is seen as a symbol of chastity and is regarded as the patron saint of young girls and virgins.

The name Agnieszka entered the Polish language in the Middle Ages and has since become a very popular name in Poland. It conjures up images of innocence, virtue and religious devotion, reflecting the story of Saint Agnes. The name is also associated with feminine qualities like gentleness, kindness and tenderness.

Why Choose The Name Agnieszka

Agnieszka is a Polish name meaning “lamb of God.” It has a lovely meaning connected to religious faith, symbolizing purity, innocence and gentleness. Your daughter would start her life with a name that honors spiritual values and virtues.

Agnieszka is a strong yet feminine name. It has an assertive sound while also being delicate and graceful. Your daughter would grow up knowing her name reflects strength of character in a feminine way.

Agnieszka is uncommon in English-speaking countries but is becoming more popular and recognized. Your daughter would have an exotic name that is still familiar enough for most people to pronounce. It would reflect her family’s heritage while also fitting in with her peers.

The nickname “Aga” is cute and endearing. Your daughter would have an affectionate nickname option from a young age that she could choose to use or not as she gets older.

MeaningLamb, lamb of God
Other versionsAgnes, Agy, Aga, Ines, Inez
Famous AgnieszkasAgnieszka Arnold, Agnieszka Brustman, Agnieszka Bednarek
MoodNeutral, soft

Interesting Facts

  • Agnieszka has been a top Polish name for girls for decades. It has a timeless, classic feel while still being somewhat unique outside of Poland. The name has several variations across cultures, including Agnes, Agnese, Ines, and Inez.
  • The name originated from saint’s name but has become a top choice for Polish parents seeking a traditional yet distinctive name for their daughters.
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