8 Unusual Female Names And Their Meanings

unusual female names
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Have you ever met someone with an unusual name and wondered what inspired their parents to choose it? Names are fascinating because they often have interesting origins and meanings that provide a glimpse into different cultures and time periods.

As you think about names for your future daughter, consider some unique options with memorable histories. We’ve found 8 uncommon female names and the stories behind them.


The name Beatrix derives from the Latin word beatrix meaning “she who makes happy or blessed”. Not a bad meaning for a name, right? Beatrix was the name of a 4th-century saint and martyr.

In the early 1900s, Beatrix grew popular in England. If you name your daughter Beatrix today, she’ll be in good company with the famous children’s book author Beatrix Potter, who wrote the tales of Peter Rabbit.

With its soft, melodic sound and stylish X ending, Beatrix is a charming and whimsical name that would suit an imaginative little girl. While unusual, it has a timeless quality and a great deal of character.

Beatrix is a confident and commanding name, without being too bold or brash. It conjures up images of a spunky, free-spirited girl who knows her own mind. At the same time, the name has an unpretentious, down-to-earth charm.

If you’re looking for an elegant yet quirky name that will stand out without being too “out there,” Beatrix checks all the boxes. Short forms like Bea, Bee or Trixie provide cute nickname options for a little Beatrix as well.

All in all, the name Beatrix has a wonderful meaning, a long history, and a stylish image. What’s not to love about this little gem of a name?


The name Katniss comes from a plant in the Sagittaria genus, also known as arrowhead. The plant gets its name from its arrow-shaped leaves. In the popular Hunger Games book and movie series, the main character Katniss Everdeen was named after this aquatic plant.

Katniss is a very unusual yet melodic name. It has a nature-inspired meaning without being too frilly or feminine. If you want an distinctive name for your baby girl that stands out from the crowd, Katniss could be a great option.

Some other attributes of the name Katniss are:

  • It has a strong yet feminine image, thanks to the brave and skillful character in The Hunger Games.
  • The plant katniss is native to North America, so the name has an indigenous feel.
  • In Latin, katniss means “thirsty one”, referring to the plant’s ability to thrive in wet areas. So a girl named Katniss may have an affinity for nature.
  • Nicknames include Kat, Kitty and Nissy.

While still quite rare, the name Katniss is gaining more popularity and breaking into the mainstream. Still, your little Katniss will likely be the only one with that name in her circle of friends. For a memorable botanical name with pop culture credentials, you can’t go wrong with Katniss.


The name Hermione comes from Greek mythology. In Homer’s Odyssey, Hermione was the daughter of Menelaus and Helen of Troy. The name means “messenger” or “interpreter.”

In more recent popular culture, the name Hermione became widely known through the Harry Potter series. The character Hermione Granger is one of Harry Potter’s best friends and is portrayed as an intelligent, logical and level-headed witch.

The name Hermione has a romantic, lyrical quality to it. It conjures up images of intelligence, courage, loyalty, and strength. Some other meanings and associations with the name Hermione include:

  • Daughter of beauty
  • Messenger of the gods
  • Divine flow
  • Harmony, concord

If you’re looking for an uncommon but meaningful name, Hermione is a great option. It’s familiar but still quite rare. In 2020, Hermione ranked just inside the top 1000 baby female names in the US.

Hermione is a name destined for a clever, spirited, and independent girl. While old-fashioned, it has a timeless quality. The literary and mythological connections give this charming name depth, character, and intellectual prowess.


Marenka is a Slavic name meaning “bitter.” While the meaning may not seem overly positive, the name has a musical, whimsical quality to it.

In Slavic folklore, Marenka was a forest sprite akin to a fairy or nymph. She was said to inhabit the deep, dark forests of Eastern Europe. Marenka would sometimes emerge from the woods to dance in meadows and delight in nature. Though elusive, Marenka was not malevolent. She simply preferred solitude and living freely among the trees.

Today, the name Marenka remains uncommon but evocative. A woman named Marenka may be perceived as mysterious, fanciful and connected to nature. She values independence and creativity. While Marenka can seem aloof or distant at times, she forms deep connections with a select few.

Marenka is a lovely, unusual name for a baby girl. Its roots in Slavic myth and meaning related to nature give it a whimsical, bohemian feel. A woman named Marenka will likely forge her own path in life with a mixture of playfulness and introspection. Though the name may be considered strange or peculiar by some, its history and meaning give it depth, spirit, and charm.


The name Saoirse originated in Ireland and means “freedom” or “liberty” in Irish. It reflects the independent spirit of the female name bearer.

Saoirse is a very unique name that is not commonly heard outside of Ireland. It has a musical, lyrical quality to it that resonates with many couples seeking an uncommon but meaningful name for their daughter. The actress Saoirse Ronan has helped bring more awareness to this beautiful Irish name in recent years.

While unusual, Saoirse is a name on the rise, especially among Irish-American families seeking to honor their heritage. Its strong meaning of freedom and independence also appeals to many. If you’re looking for an uncommon but meaningful name for your baby girl, Saoirse is worth considering. She’s sure to stand out in a sea of Emmas and Olivias, and the name’s deep roots in Irish history will give her an interesting story to tell as she grows up.

Saoirse is still quite rare in the U.S., so your daughter may frequently need to repeat and spell her name for others. But for the right family seeking a unique Irish name, this just adds to its charm and appeal. Saoirse is a spirited name destined for a spirited little girl!


The name Elowen has Cornish origins and means “elm tree”. It’s a nature-inspired name that’s unique and whimsical.

Elowen is a perfect choice if you want an unusual but meaningful name. The elm tree symbolizes strength, stability and longevity – all wonderful traits you’d want for your little girl. While Elowen may be an uncommon name, it has a pleasant sound and feminine feel. She’s sure to get compliments on her charming name.

Some cute nicknames for Elowen include:

  • Ellie
  • Elo
  • Lowen
  • Elsie

Elowen would suit a kind-hearted, free-spirited little girl. She’ll likely grow up appreciating the simple things in life, like playing make-believe in the garden or reading under a tree.

While the name Elowen may not appear in the top charts, its familiarity is growing as eco-friendly nature names become more popular. Elowen offers something whimsical and bohemian – it’s a hidden gem of a name that deserves more recognition.


Alora is an unusual name meaning “my light” or “light”. As a female name, Alora expresses a bright, cheerful and radiant personality.

  • Origin: Alora is thought to have Spanish, Italian or Latin roots. In Spanish, “alora” means “to dawn” or “become light”. In Latin, “alor” means “cheerful; joyful”.

This whimsical, lyrical name conjures up images of sunlight filtering through the trees in a forest glade. Your little Alora will light up your life with her vibrant spirit and luminous smile. While an unusual choice, Alora has a pleasant ring and evocative meaning that makes it a memorable name.

Alora is a great choice if you want an uncommon but meaningful name for your daughter. Its poetic quality gives it a timeless feel, even though it has only recently come into use as a first name. Your little Alora will surely stand out from the crowd in a sea of Emmas and Olivias.

Her name also has potential for creative nicknames like Allie, Lora or Rory. As she grows into a bright young woman, the name Alora will suit her perfectly. Overall, Alora is a charming, whimsical name with a lovely meaning that celebrates the light and joy a child brings to the world.


Charmaine is a French name meaning “charming” or “delightful”. It conjures up images of a sweet, pleasant, and amiable woman.

If you name your daughter Charmaine, she will likely grow up exhibiting endearing qualities that make her a delight to be around. Her pleasant disposition and kindhearted spirit will win over everyone she meets.

While the name Charmaine peaked in popularity in the early 1900s, it retains an old-fashioned charm and elegance. Your little Charmaine may be the only one with this name in her class, setting her apart in a sea of Emmas and Olivias. At the same time, its familiarity means she won’t have to constantly spell it out and correct people.

The name Charmaine has a lovely, lilting sound with its three syllables. It has feminine appeal without being overly frilly. Nicknames like Char, Charm or Cherie highlight different sides of her sweet and charming personality.

A perfect middle name for Charmaine could be:

  • Rose
  • Grace
  • Belle
  • Claire

While an uncommon name, Charmaine has timeless appeal. If you’re looking for a charming and delightfully feminine name for your baby girl, Charmaine deserves your consideration. She’s sure to live up to her name and win the hearts of all who know her.

An unusual name isn’t for everyone, so go with what feels right for your family and your new baby girl!

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