Names That Mean Sun For Boy, Girl & Pets

names that mean sun

You’re having a baby and looking for a name with a special meaning. What could be more meaningful than naming your little ray of sunshine after the actual sun?

Sun names are popular across cultures and have lovely meanings. Maybe you want your child’s name to evoke warmth, light, energy, and vitality. Or perhaps your family has an astronomy hobby or you simply love basking in the sunny glow. Let’s shine a light on dozens of baby names that mean sun.

Names From Around The World That Mean “Sun”

Indian Names

Some Indian names that mean “sun” or “light” include Surya, Kiran, and Diya. Surya literally translates to “sun,” while Kiran means “ray of light” and Diya means “lamp” or “light”. These bright names are popular for baby girls in India.

Native American Names

Several Native American names also refer to the sun. The Navajo name Shiya means “sun” and the Hopi name Himaktawe means “sunlight comes gliding in”. For boys, the Sioux name Wapiti means “light of the sun” and the Algonquin name Keme means simply “sun”. Beautiful, nature-inspired names like these are making a comeback.

African Names

In many African cultures, the sun is a symbol of life and power. Names like Rayshel (Swahili for “light of the sun”) and Pheli (Sotho for “in the light”) reflect this. For boys, names such as Olweny (Luo for “born during the day”) or Letlotlo (Setswana for “the sun”) directly refer to the sun. The vibrant name Zola (Xhosa for “quiet, still, tranquil”) also relates to sunlight.

European Names

Some well-known European names referring to the sun include the Latin name Solana (“sunshine”), the Spanish name Lucia (“light”), the Italian name Domenica (“belonging to the Lord” or “day of the sun”), and the French name Claire (“clear” or “bright”). For boys, the Greek name Apollo (“light” or “brightness”) and the Irish name Lorcan (“little fierce one” or “one who wields brightness”) both relate to the sun.

Mythological Names Associated With The Sun

Some mythological names meaning sun come from ancient cultures that worshiped the sun. Helios, for example, was the Greek sun god, often portrayed as a handsome, golden-haired youth driving a flaming chariot across the sky each day. In Greek mythology, Apollo was also associated with the sun, as well as music, poetry, and healing.

Egyptian Mythology

In ancient Egyptian beliefs, the sun god Ra was like one of their biggest gods. According to legend, Ra created all forms of life on earth. The pharaohs were seen as the sons of Ra, helping to legitimize their rule. Another sun god in Egyptian mythology was Horus, often depicted as a falcon. Horus was associated with the sky, the sun, and kingship.

Hindu Mythology

In Hinduism, Surya is the sun god and a deity in the Rig Veda. Surya is portrayed as a red man with three eyes and four arms, riding a chariot pulled by seven horses. Surya’s chariot is a common artistic motif and a symbol of the sun in Hindu art and iconography. Another sun god in Hinduism is Savitr, the god of the rising sun. Savitr is associated with creation, inspiration and rejuvenation.

Other Cultures

The Aztecs worshiped the sun god Huitzilopochtli. The Maya revered Kinich Ahau, the sun god with a jaguar-like appearance. The Inca sun god was Inti, who they believed was the ancestor of the Sapa Inca, or emperor. These mythological sun gods were central to the religions, cultures and daily lives of ancient civilizations. Their enduring influence reminds us of the timeless power and importance of the sun.

Sun-Inspired Names For Baby Boys


In Greek mythology, Apollo served as the god of the sun and light. As a name, Apollo means “manly beauty.” This name radiates warmth and brightness, perfect for a little sun-inspired boy.


The name Cyrus comes from the Persian word “khurush,” meaning “sun.” In Persian mythology, Cyrus the Great was a heroic sun-figure. This stylish name has been used by royalty throughout history, from ancient Persia to modern Britain.


In Greek mythology, Helios represented the sun. As a name, Helios means “sun” or “sun god.” This distinctive mythological name is dramatic yet warm, ideal for a child with a sunny disposition.


Lucian derives from the Latin name Lucius, meaning “light.” Lucian is a bright name associated with light and illumination. In Romanian, Lucian means “moon light” or “light of day.” This luminous name is perfect for a radiant little boy.


In the Bible, Samson was a hero of great strength. His name comes from the Hebrew word “shemesh,” meaning “sun.” Samson was said to be as strong and powerful as the sun. This robust biblical name is a perfect match for an energetic baby boy.


In Latin, Sol means “sun.” This simple yet symbolic name represents warmth, light and life. In Roman mythology, Sol was the sun god, often depicted driving a fiery chariot across the sky. This short and sweet name is ideal for a bright little boy with a sunny smile.


In Hinduism, Surya is the sun god. As a name, Surya means “sun” or “sun god” in Sanskrit. In Indian mythology, Surya was a heroic figure who brought light and life to the world each day in his dazzling chariot. This energetic name honors the vibrant sun.

Beautiful Baby Girl Names Meaning “Sun”

Are you looking for a baby name that signifies warmth, radiance, and positivity? Consider a name meaning “sun.” Here are some beautiful baby girl names related to the bright star at the center of our solar system:


The French word for sun, Soleil brings to mind bright yellow warmth. It has a lively, cheerful feel that would suit an energetic little girl.


Meaning “sunshine” or “east,” Solana is a Spanish name with a golden glow. It shares the same optimistic, vibrant feel as Soleil.


Cheerful and bright, Sunny is a perfect name for a little burst of sunshine in your life. While traditionally a nickname, Sunny stands well on its own as a given name. Its simplicity gives it a timeless, carefree charm.


In Roman mythology, Aurora was the goddess of the dawn, so this name signifies the first light of the sun as it peeks over the horizon. Majestic and whimsical, Aurora feels like an enchanted sunrise.


Derived from the Latin word for light, Lucia was an early Christian saint associated with eyesight and light. As a name, Lucia has an intelligent yet mystical vibe, reminding us of the interplay of light and knowledge.


In Greek mythology, Phoebe was a Titan associated with the moon and the sun. As a name, Phoebe has a quirky, eclectic charm that stands out from the crowd. It’s perfect for a little girl with a vibrant, unique spirit.

Cat Names

Looking for a sunny name for your new kitten? I’ve got a few ideas that might work:

  • Solara: Meaning “sun” in Spanish, this name brings warmth and glow to your feline companion.
  • Helios: Named after the Greek sun god, Helios symbolizes strength and vitality.
  • Sunny: A cheerful and classic choice, perfect for a cat that brightens up your day.
  • Kiran: Originating from Sanskrit, Kiran signifies rays of light, reflecting your cat’s luminous presence.
  • Elio: A trendy and charming name of Italian origin, Elio captures the essence of the sun.
  • Sorin: With Romanian roots meaning “sunlight,” Sorin exudes a sense of radiance and energy.
  • Apollo: Inspired by the Greek god of the sun, music, and poetry, Apollo embodies grace and power.
  • Soleil: This French name translates to “sun,” adding a touch of elegance to your cat’s persona.
  • Blaze: A fiery and dynamic choice, Blaze conveys the intensity and warmth of the sun.
  • Nyra: Meaning “sun” in Arabic, Nyra symbolizes the light and beauty your cat brings into your life.
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