Baby Names That Mean Red: Fiery Names For Your Little One

names that mean red

You’re expecting a baby and looking for a fiery name to match their personality. Names associated with the color red evoke passion, power, and excitement – perfect for your little one!

Here are some ideas to consider – boys’ names, girls’ names, unisex names, and even some options for your pets!

The Meaning Behind The Color Red

Red is the color of passion and power. It’s associated with love and courage, as well as danger and violence. So baby names that mean “red” convey a sense of strength, vitality and determination.

Fiery And Bold

Names like Scarlett, Ruby and Roxanne literally mean “red” and conjure up an image of a fiery, bold little girl. Other names like Rufina or Rutila come from Latin words for red and rust-colored. For boys, there’s names like Russell which means “little red one” or Rufus which means “red-haired”.

Life And Vitality

In many cultures, red is linked to life and vitality. So names like Amara, Ermina or Zahara for girls or Adam, Damien or Ethan for boys represent life, blood or earth and have a red meaning. These names are perfect for a baby who was hard-won or long-awaited.

The Color of Passion

Red is also the color of passion, so names like Carmine, Karmen or Mavi which are linked to crimson or carmine, denote passion or desire. For boys, there’s names like Phoenix which represents the fiery, red-gold mythical bird.

Top Baby Boy Names That Mean Red


A classic name that conjures up images of a bold, bright red color. Scarlet was a popular name for baby girls in the early 1900s, but now works well for either gender. For a little boy, the name Scarlet has a sophisticated and polished feel.


A timeless Latin name meaning “red-haired”. While once associated more with red hair, Rufus now stands on its own as a handsome name for a little boy. Rufus has a vintage charm but still feels crisp and current.


An Irish name meaning “red valor” or “red-haired”. Flannery is a spirited name with a poetic, melodic sound. Although still relatively uncommon, Flannery is gaining more attention and suits an adventurous little boy with a fiery spirit.


A powerful mythological name representing rebirth and renewal. In many stories, the phoenix is a magnificent fiery red bird. The name Phoenix has become popular in recent years and has a modern edge while still nodding to its ancient roots. For a little boy, the name Phoenix inspires images of courage, strength, and individuality.


A rich, warm reddish-brown color and a natural name for a baby boy. The name Auburn is poised to become more popular, with its combination of smooth sounds and rustic, woodsy feel. Auburn also has the advantage of being recognizable yet still quite unusual. A perfect name for a little boy with auburn hair or a warm, earthy spirit.

Beautiful Baby Girl Names That Mean Red


Ruby is a classic baby name that means red, like the precious gemstone. In ancient times, rubies were thought to protect and maintain peace. What a perfect meaning for your little one!


Scarlett has been a popular baby name for years. The name Scarlett comes from the word ‘scarlet’ referring to the bright red color. The iconic Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind likely helped cement this name in parents’ minds. With its southern charm, Scarlett is a spirited and feminine choice.


Ember is a unique baby name meaning a small flame or glowing coal. What a perfect metaphorical meaning for your little bright light. The name Ember has a magical, whimsical feel to it.


Even though rose means pink in French, the name Rose can actually come from those gorgeous red roses. It’s such a sweet and simple name for some with a vibrant personality. Roses are passionate about everything and just light up any room they walk into.


Phoenix is a powerful mythological bird symbolizing rebirth and renewal. In ancient Egypt, the phoenix was associated with the sun and the red colors of the sunrise. The name Phoenix is a bold and valiant choice for your little girl.


Carmine is a gorgeous baby name with Italian origins meaning ‘vivid red.’ Carmine was the color name given to a bright red pigment used in Renaissance paintings. As a name, Carmine has a melodic, romantic sound with deep history.

Gender Neutral Red Baby Names

Red is a color that works beautifully for gender-neutral names. These fiery unisex options are perfect for a little one of any gender.


The reddish brown color of auburn hair and autumn leaves. Auburn is a nature-inspired name that works for any gender. It gives off a warm, cozy vibe, perfect for a fall baby.


The rich, vibrant red of crimson roses. While Crimson may seem feminine, it has a boldness that translates well as a male name too. This striking color name is sophisticated yet whimsical.


Don’t let the name fool you. Rusty may make you think of worn, reddish metal but it’s a charming name for a child. Spunky and androgynous, Rusty is an upbeat, carefree name for a baby with a bright spirit.


Fiery and passionate, the name Flame ignites images of a burning crimson inferno. Its strength and intensity work for both girls and boys. Flame is a spirited, evocative name for a baby destined to make a bold impact on the world.

A Fiery Red Name For Your Pet

Color-Inspired Names

If you want an obvious nod to the color red, consider names like Scarlet, Crimson, Ruby, or Rose. These vibrant red shade names are classic yet whimsical for a pet. For a pet with a reddish coat, names like Ginger, Copper, Rusty, or Flame can be fitting. If you have a feisty little firecracker of a pet, more spirited red names include Cinnamon, Pepper, or Chili.

Fiery Names

For a bold pet with a fiery personality, a name meaning “fire” or “flame” may be perfect. Names like Ember, Blaze, or Inferno have a spirited, feisty feel. More subtle fiery names include Spark, Flash, or Cinder. These type of names are especially fitting for red or orange pets, or ones with a lot of energy and spunk.

Location-Inspired Names

You can also draw inspiration from exotic locations known for red colors or warm climates. Names like Canyon, Mesa or Sedona give a nod to the red rock scenery of the American Southwest. Tropical names like Bali, Java or Mocha may suit a warm brownish-red pet. Canyon or Mesa would also be great for an adventurous, outdoorsy pet.

Mythology-Inspired Names

In many mythologies, red and fire are associated with passion, power and fertility. You can choose a name from mythology that embodies these qualities, such as Phoenix, the legendary firebird that rises from the ashes. Other options include:

  • Vesta – Roman goddess of the hearth and fire.
  • Vulcan – Roman god of fire and blacksmiths.
  • Mars – Roman god of war, associated with the red planet.
  • Ares – Greek god of war, equivalent to the Roman Mars.

Picking out the perfect name for a baby is no easy task, but I hope some of those suggestions were helpful. Just think about how amazing it will feel to call your little one by their special name and see their face light up when they realize you’re talking to them. No matter if you choose something more unique like Phoenix or something softer like Rose, choosing a name with significance behind it makes it really meaningful. Go with your gut on what feels right, get your partner’s thoughts too, and I’m sure you’ll agree on just the right name to welcome your new little one.

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