Celestial Asteroid-Inspired Baby Names For Your Little Star

Asteroids soaring through space are full of inspiration when it comes to baby names. In fact, asteroid names stem from history, mythology, animals, plants, places, and more. If you’re into astronomy or space, the names they give asteroids would be perfect for your little one. There are so many options that come from outer space.

Greek Goddesses And Mythical Characters

Asteroids like Ceres, Vesta, and Pallas are named after Roman goddesses, so their namesakes make great celestial baby names. Ceres means “goddess of agriculture”, Vesta is the “goddess of the hearth”, and Pallas signifies “wisdom and war”.

Starry And Heavenly

Names like Stella, meaning “star”, Luna meaning “moon” or Celeste, meaning “heavenly” conjure images of the night sky. Astra, like asteroid, literally means “star” in Latin. These whimsical, celestial names are perfect for a little star in your life.

Spacey Names

Out-of-this-world names like Comet, Galaxy, Nova or Aurora give a nod to space in a fun, futuristic way. Aurora, the natural light display in the sky, is a particularly magical name. For boys, names like Orion, the mighty hunter constellation, or Leo, like the zodiac sign, make cosmic-inspired choices.


Asteroids are often named after gemstones, so why not name your little gem after one? Ruby, Emerald, Jade, Crystal and Beryl are all precious stones that double as charming names. Opal, like the asteroid 1862 Apollo, is a distinctive gemstone name with a colorful, dreamy feel.

Our Top Picks

Asteroids are named after discovery, often drawing inspiration from mythology, fiction, or nature. Some of the most well-known asteroid names have become popular names for babies as well.


Vesta is a wonderful choice for a baby girl’s name with an inspiring history. Vesta is the name of the second largest asteroid in our solar system and the first asteroid ever discovered. The asteroid Vesta was named after the Roman goddess of the hearth, home, and family.

The name Vesta has a warm, glowing meaning that evokes images of the comforting hearthfire at the center of the home. The asteroid Vesta orbits close to the Sun, just like the hearthfire is at the center of the home. Vesta is associated with warmth, light, and safety, making it a perfect name for a sweet baby girl who will bring light and joy to your family.


Ceres is the perfect name for a little girl with celestial dreams. Ceres is the largest and first asteroid ever discovered, and it’s filled with meaning and history that make it a great baby name.

Ceres was discovered way back in 1801 and is named after the Roman goddess of agriculture. As the goddess of crops and fertility, Ceres represents growth, renewal and abundance – all perfect qualities for a little girl just starting her journey in life. The name Ceres itself has a soft, gentle sound that flows beautifully off the tongue.


Juno is one of the larger asteroids in the main asteroid belt. In Roman mythology, she was the goddess of marriage and childbirth and the queen of the Roman gods. The name Juno has been popular for baby girls for over a century. It’s a stately, energetic name with a sense of power and leadership.


Pallas is a really big asteroid in the main asteroid belt. In Greek mythology, Pallas Athena was the goddess of wisdom, courage, and warfare. The name Pallas is slightly eccentric but has a intellectual and valiant quality to it. Though rare, it continues to be used for baby girls today.


Eros is the name of a famous asteroid orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. Asteroid Eros was the first asteroid ever discovered, back in 1898. Naming your baby after this historic space object gives him a cosmic connection from the start.

Eros is also the Greek god of love and desire. The name means “love” or “loved one” in Greek. It’s the perfect name for a sweet baby boy who will bring love and joy into your life. The name has a beautiful meaning and history behind it, honoring the Greek deity who represented strong emotions and affection.


Galatea originates from Greek mythology, deriving from Galateia, the name of a woman sculpted out of ivory by Pygmalion, a sculptor from Greek myth.

Galatea is also the name of an asteroid discovered in 1852. The name Galatea itself means “she who is milk-white,” referring to the ivory statue in the myth. It gives the name an elegant, timeless feel.

For a baby girl name, Galatea has a soft, melodic sound that lends itself well to nicknames like Ella, Gia, or Tea. The meaning behind the name, referring to the ivory sculpture brought to life, symbolizes creativity, passion for art, and the ability to transform something ordinary into something extraordinary.


Orpheus is named after the legendary musician and poet from Greek mythology. According to myth, Orpheus had the ability to charm all living creatures and even stones with the music from his lyre. His melodies were said to be supernaturally beautiful and moving.

The asteroid itself has an interesting elongated shape, measuring approximately 100 kilometers in length. Its unique shape and name derived from Greek mythology make it a distinctive and memorable choice for a baby boy’s name.

Orpheus, as a name, has a melodic sound that is both poetic and musical. It evokes images of ancient stories, mythology, and astronomy. The meaning behind the name – a legendary musician who charmed all with his music – makes it a fitting choice for a child with a sweet, charming disposition.


Icarus is an excellent baby name choice if you like names that are out of this world, literally. Icarus is the name of an asteroid discovered way back in 1847. Like many asteroids, Icarus was named after a figure from Greek mythology.

The name Icarus means “he who follows the mythological story of Icarus offers a timeless lesson about the dangers of ambition, overconfidence, and recklessness. But it also celebrates the spirit of exploration, wonder at the natural world, and the ability to rise above one’s circumstances through ingenuity and effort.


Asteroid Hathor was discovered way back in 1898 by French astronomer Auguste Charlois. In Egyptian mythology, Hathor was the goddess of joy, motherhood, and love. She went by the name Hathor. The name Hathor has a lot of meaning related to motherhood and love.

The name Hathor has a lot of meaning related to motherhood and love, which are great qualities you’d want your child to embody. The asteroid connection gives the name a sense of adventure and wonder, while the goddess Hathor represents qualities of motherhood and love that any parent would want for their little one.


Hygiea is one of the larger asteroids out there. It’s actually the fourth biggest asteroid in the whole solar system. The name comes from Greek mythology and refers to Hygieia, the daughter of the god of medicine Asclepius. Hygieia was the goddess of health, hygiene and cleanliness.   

The name Hygiea has a beautiful meaning related to health and wellness. For a baby girl, it would be a unique yet familiar-sounding choice. Hygiea could make a great first name or middle name option. The name is of Greek origin but has a timeless sound that works well today. Many parents want their children to have names that instill positive values and attributes, and the meaning of Hygiea related to health and hygiene fits that goal.


Asteroid Psyche was discovered way back in 1852. Scientists think it’s really interesting – they believe Psyche is actually the exposed metal core of a planet! It orbits between Mars and Jupiter and is one of the most massive asteroids in the main asteroid belt. 

The name Psyche itself means “soul” or “butterfly” in Greek, and has a long history in mythology and literature. The name Psyche has a beautiful meaning that would suit a baby girl, symbolizing spirit and inner essence.


Iris was the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow. Fun fact, her name also comes from the Greek word for “rainbow”. So the name Iris has an inherent beauty and meaning tied to light, color, and nature. 

Iris is also the name of an asteroid that was discovered in 1998. The asteroid Iris orbits between Mars and Jupiter and is relatively large for an asteroid at nearly 200 miles in diameter.

What’s Your Favorite?

Did any of those asteroid-inspired baby name ideas catch your eye? You never know, maybe little one will grow up to be an astronomer. Wouldn’t that be wild if they discovered their own asteroid out there and it had the same name as them? Talk about full circle!

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