65 Baby Names That Mean Angel or Guardian Angel

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You’re looking for the perfect name for your little one, something that shows how they watch over you. A name that captures how they brighten up your whole world. I’ve got a list of gorgeous names that literally mean angel or guardian angel. Angel names that just feel meant to be. Check it out and see if any speak to your heart.

Angelic Baby Names For Girls

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For little girls, a few angel-inspired names that came to mind are Angelica, Ariel, Gabrielle, Angela, Angelica, Seraphina, Aurora, and Celeste.


The name Ariel means “lion of God” and is the name of an archangel in ancient Jewish writings. In popular culture, Ariel is also the name of a mermaid princess in Disney’s The Little Mermaid. A sweet, whimsical name for a little girl.


The feminine form of Gabriel, Gabrielle means “God is my strength“. In the Bible, Gabriel is a messenger angel who delivers important news to Mary and Zechariah. A lovely name with a strong, graceful image.


A exotic, melodic name meaning “burning one” or “fiery serpent”. In Jewish and Christian angelology, seraphim are six-winged angels who surround God’s throne. A distinctive name with heavenly overtones.


This Latin name means “angel-like.” It ultimately derives from the Greek word for “messenger,” angelos. Angelica is a sweet name for a little girl with an obvious heavenly meaning.


Azrael is the name of the archangel of death in some Jewish and Islamic traditions. A bold name for a little girl, with a slightly gothic feel. She’s sure to be asked about the unusual origin and meaning of her name.


The name Aurora is derived from the Latin word for “dawn.” In Roman mythology, Aurora was the goddess of the dawn. The name evokes images of a rosy-fingered dawn and new beginnings.


The feminine form of Michael, meaning “who is like God?”. In the Bible, Michael is an archangel who leads the heavenly armies against Satan. A classic, virtuous name with a strong spiritual meaning.


The name Isabel derives from the Hebrew Elisheva, meaning “my God is an oath.” Isabel entered the English language via late medieval Spanish and Portuguese forms. The name has angelic and devout connotations.


The French name Celeste means “heavenly.” It derives from the Latin caelestis, meaning “of heaven.” Celeste is a feminine and sweet name choice for a little girl with a lovely celestial meaning.


Sophia is the Greek word for “wisdom.” In Christian tradition, Sophia is also the name of the personification of God’s wisdom. Sophia is a beautiful, feminine name choice with spiritual meaning.


Zoe is the Greek word for “life.” In Christian tradition, Zoe is also the name of an angelic being. Zoe is a short, spunky name choice with a lovely meaning that evokes both life and angelic beings.


The name Evangeline means “good news” or “gospel.” In Christian tradition, an evangelist is a preacher or messenger of the gospel. Evangeline is a sweet name choice for a little girl with a lovely heavenly meaning.

  • Angel – Directly means “angel” or “messenger of God.”
  • Blair – From the Scottish word for “plain” or “meadow,” possibly named after the archangel Michael.
  • Claire – Means “bright” or “clear” in French, possibly in reference to angels.
  • Eva – A form of Eve, possibly meaning “life” in reference to angels bringing life.
  • Faith – Directly means “faith” or “trust,” qualities associated with angels.
  • Kara – Means “beloved” in Hebrew, a name fitting for an angelic being.
  • Leora – Means “light” in Hebrew, reflecting the light associated with angels.
  • Lia – “Messenger” in Hawaiian, fitting for an angelic girl.
  • Malia – “Heavenly” in Hawaiian, reflecting the heavenly nature of angels.
  • Miriam – A Hebrew name meaning “sea of bitterness,” the name of an angel in the Bible.
  • Naomi – Means “pleasantness” in Hebrew, reflecting the pleasant nature of angels.
  • Nevaeh – “Heaven” spelled backwards, referring to the heavenly home of angels.
  • Sera – A form of Sarah meaning “princess,” fitting for a heavenly angelic being.
  • Tala – Means “messenger” or “angel” in Arabic.
  • Zara – Means “radiant” or “bright” in Arabic, reflecting the radiant nature of angels.
  • Zuri – “Beautiful” and “golden” in Swahili, fitting qualities for an angelic girl.
  • Anjelica – Means “angel-like” in Latin.
  • Bethany – Means “house of figs” in Hebrew.
  • Evangeline – “Bearer of good news” in Greek.
  • Serenity – “Peaceful state of mind” in English.
  • Trinity – Refers to the Christian doctrine of the Three-in-One God.
  • Charity – Means “love of others” in English.
  • Gracie – “Full of grace” in English.
  • Harmony – “Balance and order” in English.
  • Melody – “Pleasing succession of sounds” in English.

Angelic Baby Boy Names

names that mean guardian angel

If you’re looking for angel names for boys, some great options to consider are Michael, Angelo, Joshua, Jared, Rafael, Gabriel or Isaac. Those names have ties to angels in the Bible or just give off an innocent, heavenly feel.


The name Michael derives from the Hebrew name Mikha’el, meaning “who is like God?”. In the Bible, Michael is the archangel who leads the army of heaven against the forces of evil. The name has been popular for centuries and tops the list of most common baby names. If you’re looking for a classic name with spiritual significance, Michael is a perfect choice.

Also, if you keep seeing the angel number 1212, especially when you’re pregnant, it could be a sign that the archangel Michael is trying to get your attention since the number 1212 represents him.


The name Gabriel also has Hebrew origins, meaning “God is my strength”. In Judeo-Christian belief, Gabriel is the archangel who acts as a messenger from God. He is considered an angel of mercy, announcing the births of John the Baptist and Jesus. The name Gabriel has a soft, melodic sound and conveys protection and goodwill.


Ariel is another name with spiritual roots. In Jewish mythology, Ariel is an angel or spirit associated with the wind, air, and sky. The name has a whimsical, magical feel to it. In popular culture, Ariel is also the name of a character in Shakespeare’s The Tempest and the little mermaid in Disney’s animated film. If you’re looking for an unusual yet meaningful name, Ariel is a great option.


The name Jeremiah has Hebrew origins, meaning “appointed by God” or “raised by God.” In the Bible, Jeremiah was a prophet who warned the Israelites to repent from their sins. While conveying deep spiritual meaning, the name has a pleasant, melodic sound. Nicknames like Jeremy, Jerry or Remy make it accessible and versatile. The name Jeremiah has stood the test of time but still feels fresh and distinctive.

In numerology, Jeremiah is connected to the lucky number 777. So if you’re always seeing the angel number 777 all over the place, maybe it’s a sign that Jeremiah would be a good name for your little one.


A popular Italian form of the name Angel, Angelo means “messenger of God.”


The Hebrew name Malachi means “my messenger” or “my angel.” It refers to the prophet Malachi in the Old Testament.


Another popular Hebrew name meaning “God is salvation” is also associated with guardian angels.


In Hebrew, the name Zachariah means “God remembers” and refers to the father of John the Baptist in the Bible.


The English form of the Hebrew name Yered meaning “descend” or “come down,” Jared refers to angels descending from Heaven.


The English word for a messenger or servant of God, Angel is a popular choice for baby boys.


Rafael means ‘God has healed’ in Hebrew. Rafael is one of the seven archangels in Jewish tradition.


Anthony means ‘priceless one’ in Latin. It comes from the Greek name Antonios meaning ‘praiseworthy’.


Isaac means ‘he laughs’ in Hebrew. Isaac was the son of promise for Abraham and Sarah in the Bible.


Malachi means ‘my messenger’ or ‘my angel’ in Hebrew. Malachi is the name of one of the minor prophets in the Bible.


Zachariah means ‘Yahweh remembers‘ in Hebrew. Zachariah was the father of John the Baptist.


Elijah means ‘Yahweh is my God’ in Hebrew. Elijah was a prophet during the reign of King Ahab and Jezebel in the Bible.


Andrew means ‘manly’ or ‘warrior’ in Greek. Andrew was one of Jesus’ 12 apostles.

  • Zadkiel – “Righteousness of God”.
  • Dominic – “Belonging to the Lord”.
  • Gideon – “Hewer” or “one who fells trees”.
  • Isaiah – “Salvation of God”.
  • Adriel – “Flock of God”.
  • Uriel – “Light of God”. He’s an archangel in Jewish tradition.
  • Azrael – “Help of God”. The name of the angel of death in Islamic tradition.
  • Cassiel – “Hollow of God”.
  • Damiel – “Silent one of God”.
  • Raziel – “Secret of God”. The name of an angel who revealed secrets to Adam.
  • Sachiel – “Protection of God”.
  • Samuel – “Name of God”.

Bottom Line

What could be more meaningful than a moniker connected to the protective, loving energy of the guardian angels? Trust your intuition when making this important choice of choosing a name for your baby girl or boy. Let the name speak to your heart and feel right when you say it aloud. Before you know it, your little angel will be here and their name will be such a big part of who they are. Go with what truly speaks to your soul.

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