Black Girl Names That Start With T

black girl names starting with t

Are you looking for baby name inspiration for your new little one and want something unique that starts with the letter T? Well, there are so many beautiful and melodic black girl names that begin with the letter T that will perfectly suit your daughter!

Whether you want something classic like Taylor or Tamia that never goes out of style, or you want to go with something more unusual like Tinsley or True, you’ll have tons of options to choose from. I even found some beautiful but less common names from African and Arabic roots that need more love.

The Popularity of Black Girl Names Starting With T

Timeless Classics

Names like Tamika, Tanisha, and Tia have been popular for decades. These timeless classics have stood the test of time thanks to their beauty and strong cultural connection. They conjure up images of confident, intelligent young women – no wonder parents have been drawn to them for generations.

Trendy Monikers

Right now, names like Trinity, Tatiana, and Taylor are having a moment. They have a stylish, modern feel to them that captures the spirit of today. Choosing a stylish name is a way for parents to signal that they are plugged into current cultural trends and value individuality. These fashionable names are also a subtle way for parents to shape their daughter’s sense of style and identity from an early age.

Family Namesakes

Some parents choose a name like Toni or Tanya as a way to honor a family member like a grandmother or aunt. Using a family name is a meaningful way to build connection across generations and share cultural heritage. These names often have a timeless, nostalgic feel to them – even if they were popular decades ago, they never truly go out of style.

Timeless T Names

Classic Yet Unique

Want a name that honors cultural tradition but still stands out? You can’t go wrong with Tamara, Tia or Tiana. Tamara means “palm tree” and conveys grace and beauty. Tia, meaning “aunt”, shows respect for family. And Tiana, meaning “princess”, celebrates your little girl’s royalty.


Nature names are always lovely. Try Tahlia, meaning “dew from heaven”, conveying freshness and new beginnings. Or Taelyn, meaning “fawn”, representing gentleness. Tehya, meaning “precious” in Native American, is also a unique nature name.

Modern And Stylish

Looking for something contemporary? Trendy names like Trinity, Taliyah or Tinley fit the bill. Trinity represents spirituality and the number three. Taliyah and Tinley are modern invented names with a rhythmic, lyrical sound.

Rich In History

Prefer a name with deep cultural roots? You can’t top timeless, dignified names like Tabitha, Theodora or Thandie. Tabitha means “gazelle” and has religious significance as a disciple in the Bible. Theodora, meaning “gift of God”, was the name of a Byzantine empress. And Thandie, meaning “loved one” in Ndebele, honors South African roots.

Trendy And Modern T Names

If you’re looking for a stylish name that starts with the letter T for your baby girl, you have plenty of options. Here are some of the trendiest T names for black girls today:


Taliyah is a melodic name of Hebrew origin meaning “lamb of God.” This sweet name has shot up the charts recently, hitting the top 100 names for black girls in the U.S. Its popularity is likely due in part to the character Taliyah from League of Legends.


Trinity is a spiritual name representing the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. While traditionally a Christian name, Trinity has become popular with people of all faiths. It’s feminine, virtuous and vibrant – all qualities that make for a memorable name.


Tiana is a charming Disney-inspired name meaning “princess” or “queen.” It rose to fame as the name of Disney’s first black princess from The Princess and the Frog movie. Tiana is a perfect pick for a little girl with big dreams and an adventurous spirit.


Taliya is an exotic-sounding name with Arabic roots meaning “young palm tree.” While still quite rare, Taliya has a lovely lilting quality and natural beauty that is perfect for a special little girl. Its similarity to popular names like Taliyah and Talia also gives it a familiar yet unique feel.


A tiara is a jeweled crown worn by princesses, so the name Tiara carries royal connotations. It brings to mind visions of elegance, grace and beauty – wonderful attributes for any little girl. In African cultures, tiaras or headbands are also worn for special occasions, giving Tiara a nice bit of cultural significance as well. With its stylishness and strength, Tiara is fit for a queen.

Meanings Behind Popular T Names

Some of the most popular names for Black girls starting with the letter T have rich cultural meanings and histories. These names celebrate attributes like beauty, strength, and faith.

Tamia – “Palm Tree”

The name Tamia originates from Swahili and means “palm tree.” Palm trees are strong, graceful, and stand tall—all qualities one might hope for in a daughter. Tamia was particularly popular in the 1990s, so many women with this name were born around that time.

Tanisha – “Ambition” or “Courage”

The name Tanisha comes from Sanskrit and means either “ambition” or “courage.” A girl with this name is destined for success and bravery. Tanisha became popular in the United States starting in the 1970s.

Tiara – “Crowned One”

The name Tiara symbolizes royalty, coming from the Latin word for a crown or headband worn by kings and queens. A girl named Tiara is a little princess. This name became popular starting in the 1980s along with other jewel and gem-inspired names.

Tiana – “Princess”

The name Tiana has origins in Latin and Greek, meaning “princess.” Like the name Tiara, a girl named Tiana is destined to be doted on like royalty. This name spiked in popularity in 2009 following the release of the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog, which featured Disney’s first Black princess, Princess Tiana.

Trinity – “Three In One”

The name Trinity comes from the Latin word trinitas, meaning “three in one.” In the Christian faith, the Trinity refers to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. A girl named Trinity has a name with deep religious symbolism and meaning. This name became popular starting in the 1970s.

Our Top 9 Favorite T Names For Black Baby Girls

Taliyah, Tiana, Trinity, Téa, Tinisha, Taniyah, Tamia, Tatiana, and Teegan are some of the best T names for a black girl.

black girl names that start with t


The name Taliyah is of Hebrew origin and means “lamb of God.” This sweet name conjures up images of a gentle, kindhearted little girl. In the Bible, Taliyah was the daughter of Zelophehad.


The name Tiana has a fun, spunky vibe to it. It means “princess” in Latin, perfect for your little girl. Tiana was popularized as the name of Disney’s first Black princess in The Princess and the Frog.


The name Trinity has a spiritual, meaningful quality to it. It refers to the Holy Trinity in the Christian faith: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. If faith and religion are important to your family, Trinity could be an excellent choice.


The name Téa is a short, stylish name that means “flower.” It has a hip, bohemian feel to it. Téa Leoni, the American actress, helped bring this name into the spotlight.


The name Tinisha has an exotic, melodic sound to it. It means “desire, wish” in Swahili. Tinisha conveys a sense of hope, dreams and ambition—wonderful qualities for a little girl.


The name Taniyah is a variation of Tanya, which means “fairy queen” in Russian. It has a whimsical, fanciful quality to it, perfect for a fun-loving little girl with an active imagination.


The name Tamia is of Swahili origin and means “sweet or gentle.” It’s a lovely name that conveys kindness, compassion and tenderness. Tamia Washington, the R&B singer, helped bring this name into the mainstream.


The name Tatiana is a timeless, elegant name that means “fairy queen” in Russian. In literature, Tatiana was the name of the heroine in Alexander Pushkin’s famous novel Eugene Onegin. It’s a regal name fit for a princess.


The Irish name Teegan means “little poet” or “bard.” It’s a spunky, vibrant name for an expressive, creative little girl. The name Teegan conjures up images of a free spirit with a lively imagination.

Take Your Time

When choosing a name for your little girl, don’t feel rushed. Make a list of your favorite names and say them out loud. Picture yourself calling her name across the playground. Listen to your gut; it’ll lead you to the perfect name for your princess. And if you’re still unsure, you could always wait until you meet her. Her name may hit you as soon as you look into each other’s eyes for the first time.

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