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Poppy Liu brought amazing energy to the Skidmore campus. Her work combines feminist empowerment, healing, artistry, and a truly collaborative spirit. Students raved for weeks after about her film, talk back, and storytelling workshop. One of my students even included in her final paper a citation of Poppy’s film as an exemplar of women-centered storytelling.
— Gwen D’Arcangelis, PhD Assistant Professor Gender Studies Skidmore College
Poppy’s visit appealed greatly to our students, both those who were activist-minded and those who still needed a primer on reproductive rights.
Students connected with the film and her personal stories, and enthusiastically asked her questions. Poppy emphasized the need to talk openly about abortion and to listen respectfully to others’ experiences. She also provided a dynamic example of intersectional feminism, as she discussed her relationship with her family and ethnic traditions and her political alliances.
Her memorable visit and web resources are helping us address reproductive justice issues with our classes.
— Dr. Katherine Lehman, Communications and Women’s and Gender Studies, Albright College, Reading, PA