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Reproductive Justice is an intersectional framework that looks at abortion through the context of larger social, economic and political inequalities.

Reproductive justice examines a larger picture of human rights which includes women's rights, trans rights, immigrant rights and criminal justice reform and how this might affect a person's ability to control their reproductive lives.

This is a movement originated by southern black women. To support the ongoing work of activists doing reproductive justice work, please visit and donate to Sister Song, the first Reproductive Justice organization in the country.

storytelling as activism

Part of the stigma, shame and stunted conversation around abortion has to do with the fact that the pro-choice / anti-choice political debate has long dominated the national conversation around abortion.

Part of taking back the narrative is by telling our own stories. In personal and human terms. As complex, multifaceted beings.

We are not walking political campaigns.

Organizations like #ShoutYourAbortion have made it their mission to create spaces where folks can share their own abortions, in their own words, on their own terms.

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Whether you are someone who has had an abortion, someone who is going to have an abortion, or someone who will never have an abortion, if you desire to be more informed around the topics of reproductive health / reproductive rights / reproductive justice, we've compiled a list of organizations and resources you can check out as a starting point.