Screening at "Safe and Legal: 45 Years of Abortion Access" Event by Planned Parenthood

Really excited for this Planned Parenthood x #ShoutYourAbortion event that celebrates the 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Join us if you are in the Seattle area this weekend!

"This January marks the 45th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade, that legalized abortion across the nation. As our rights for reproductive health continue to be threatened — let’s take a night to celebrate! Join us for a night of stories, performances, and community."


Official Selection at Awareness Film Festival

Thank you Awareness Film Festival for selecting our film for your 2017 festival!

"The mission of the Awareness Film Festival is to inform and inspire audiences through a program of films on Ecological, Political, Health/Well Being and Spiritual topics. We are honored to have the opportunity to spotlight film-makers committed to making positive change throughout the world."


Official Selection at LA's Les Femmes Underground Film Festival

Very honored to be 1 of 50 short films chosen out of 5,000 to be screened at Les Femmes Underground Film Festival.

From their website: "Les Femmes Underground International is a film festival centered on the subversive, unique, and innovative. LEFUFF, showcases artists from all walks of life creating work which redefines the manner in which women are represented in mainstream cinema... 

As feminists, we believe it is our responsibility to empower new generations of young women to generate work which breaks away from society’s gendered roles. Les Femmes Underground seeks to premier first time under-represented emerging feminist film-makers and artists."


Official selection at Nasty Women Unite Fest 2017

Very excited to screen Names of Women alongside 7 other women filmmakers at the Nasty Women Unite Fest tonight!

Nasty Women* Unite Fest is a multi-day arts festival, bringing together artists of various disciplines and backgrounds, to foster a home for intersectional feminism. All proceeds raised by these events will be donated to the ACLU to continue to protect the rights of all people. Premieres April 23 – 30th, 2017. 

nyuf stone street.jpg