Official selection at Nasty Women Unite Fest 2017

Very excited to screen Names of Women alongside 7 other women filmmakers at the Nasty Women Unite Fest tonight!

Nasty Women* Unite Fest is a multi-day arts festival, bringing together artists of various disciplines and backgrounds, to foster a home for intersectional feminism. All proceeds raised by these events will be donated to the ACLU to continue to protect the rights of all people. Premieres April 23 – 30th, 2017. 

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VILLAGE VOICE: "Five Decades After Roe v. Wade, Doctors Train to Keep Abortion Out of the Shadows"

Thank you Village Voice and Sonja Sharp for writing this article destigmatizing some of the misconceptions around medical abortions and also for including a shout out to Names of Women in your article!

"Among the greatest victories of the anti-abortion rights movement has been to convince Americans that abortion is as invasive and potentially life-threatening as liposuction, when the reality is closer to a breast biopsy."

With slews of politicians working hard to take away our reproductive rights, it is also incredible to see the counter movement including hoards of medical students getting themselves trained as abortion providers.

"We've never had anywhere near that level of demand," said Lois Backus, executive director of Medical Students for Choice (MSFC), which runs the abortion training intensive program I attended last month... the February training received close to 200 applications for just 30 spots. Students had traveled from across the country to attend the weekend-long conference in Philadelphia, and for many, the hands-on practicum was the highlight of their trip...

In the months since November, Payne, the Texan, says the number of would-be volunteers looking to escort patients from their cars to the clinic or to simply help out with clerical work at her local Planned Parenthood have increased tenfold...

New York City's Doula Project, whose "abortion doulas" support patients in local Planned Parenthood clinics, received triple the normal volume of applications for its spring 2017 training."



A huge thank you to Lisa Elaine Held and Well+Good for this gorgeously written, incredibly thoughtful, and deeply personal article about Names of Women and how it fits into a larger conversation about abortion.

"I’ve seen firsthand how one brave woman can move people by sharing her own experience.

At one screening of Liu’s film, a man raised his hand and said, “I just wanted to say thank you, because I’ve never had to think about this experience from a woman’s perspective before.”

At another, a Taiwanese grandfather spoke up, noting that he recognized his daughter’s face in the film and realized he wanted to hear from his children about their experiences in a deeper way. The human connections Liu forged by sharing her experience with abortion might be the key to creating a healthy dialog about women’s health issues, reproductive rights advocates say."

Read the full article here.

"Destigmatizing Abortion: Art As Medicine" On Tour At Wesleyan, Vassar, Skidmore & Barnard

So honored to have gotten the chance to tour Names of Women to Wesleyan University, Vassar College, Skidmore College and Barnard College over these last few weeks. It has been eye-opening, heart-opening and mind-opening to engage in thoughtful, honest, critical, personal conversations with these students.

The screenings have been supplemented by writing and meditation workshops on how to put into practice healing through storytelling and art-making.

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